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Hey! We’re a marketing company based in Los Angeles, California. Our team is composed of experts and specialists in a wide variety of marketing fields.

We’re here to take your business to the next level with the use of internet marketing. Our services cover a variety of aspects of using the internet to promote your business by making a new website, creating content for your site, social media management and much more!

Our services are guaranteed to one-up your current business by engaging and advertising to your target audience. We’ll find the optimal way to do this and work with you to get as many clients as possible!.

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Renowned for our dedication and proficiency in the world of our internet marketing, see what makes us different!

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We will work with you, no matter where in the world you are. Everything is done online, so you never have to go out of your way to meet! We'd love to meet for coffee to discuss what you need if you're ever in our beloved LA or call us West Coast time.

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Stay ahead of the game with our constantly evolving sets of tech tactics to get you the most bang for your buck. No other marketing company can compete!

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Sit back and coast through your usual business activities without having to worry about online marketing. Let us handle it all!

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Our brand has amazing reviews and a variety of testimonials. Read them yourself to find out what other businesses and people say about us!

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You’ll be seeing results in incredibly short periods of time compared to other agencies. We’ll work with you so you keep seeing results..

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Our Mastery of the digital craft and social wizardry produce repeatable success that truly amazes our clients.

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We offer a variety of services to kick-off your online business efficiently and hassle-free. Our specialists are hand-selected by us. We make sure they are in the top of their league to provide you the best possible services.

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Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Let us manage your social media and grow your audience to new heights. We have lots of experience with this management..

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Get your website ranked at the top of many search engines. Bring in customers looking for a service you offer!

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Paid Media Buying

Paid Traffic

Let us find the best places to advertise and manage all your paid advertising placements to engage your audience maximally..

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Let us handle all content creation. We’ll figure out your target audience and how to best get their attention!

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Web Design

Website Design

Completely revamp your website. Our team of designers follows the best standards for modern website development..

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Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Handle bad press and fake reviews with this service. Anything that can damage your brand reputation will be handled by us..

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A little more about the services that we offer.

Social Media Management

Social media revolutionized the way people interact online, but also opened the gate to a whole new era of digital marketing and paid media. Through social media, brands are able to interact with customers directly and establish new relationships with their fanbase or clientbase. To start a fire, you need a fuel. Social media is your fuel to ignite your growth to the top competitor.

Keeping in touch with your audience is the easiest and most effective way to keep your audience engaged and keep yourself in the know about the ever-evolving markets. With followers on social media, you can sit back, respond to users and keep them interested in your brand, services or products. Your userbase can invite new potential customers helping your brand awareness and helping you gain conversions.

You can rest easy knowing that we manage your social media accounts as we are incredibly experienced with using social media sites for mass marketing. Many other companies can try to offer social media services, but they miss the key point of seeming human to your fanbase. Potential customers don’t want to talk to robots and pre-scripted lines, they want another person on the line to talk to. They want to be engaged, they want to feel something. This attention to psychology combined with technology is what makes Marked Digital excel at social media management. Our services offer analytics to help you grow your brand, see who is interested in your brand so you can adjust your target audience and use our other services to market to that specific audience. In our current day and age, social media is what controls the world of mass online marketing, with advertising, engaging and analyzing. Don’t hesitate to start using our services today!

Search Engine Optimization

It can be difficult to gain clients for your business if your website is difficult to find on its own. When people try to find businesses, they tend to search for the service, product or business on search engines, like Google or Bing. But if your website is on the second or third page of these sites, people will find at least ten results before yours, meaning it will be unlikely you get any new customers.

That’s why at Marked Digital, we offer our own custom Search Engine Optimization services for ranking your business on the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization is a strategic practice of special tactics to ensure your website gets ranked as high as it can on search engine results. SEO tactics are briefly outlined online, but very few individuals and companies know how to use them effectively to grow in rankings.

We have the best tools and practices for using ethical, or ‘white-hat’ SEO tactics, as outlined by Google’s own Webmaster Guidelines. Using unethical or ‘black-hat’ practices can have temporary gains, but will always result in search engines finding out and making your site appear lower in their rankings. We will never employ these tactics because we want your business website to succeed now and in the long run!

Paid Traffic

When you want to advertise your product or business, you want to make sure ads reach the audience most likely to make a purchase from you. Paid media is a strategy of paid placement advertising which ensures that you get the highest possible conversion rate for reaching the most engaged audience possible..

Despite being such a popular strategy, paid media does not reach its full potential, as it does require a certain amount of proficiency in the marketing field, as well as constant analytics, monitoring, adapting and optimizing. There is a great level of complexity in the process of using paid media including the account for consumer psychology, budget, placement and ensuring the audience reached is the true target audience.

Paid media ensures that your advertisement will be seen, but not all marketing teams are able to ensure that the consumers seeing your advertisement is your target audience. Marked Digital is different, in that we will always make sure your target audience is reached and the audience engagement reaches its full potential.

Over at Marked Digital, we have the best techniques and practices for paid media. Our analytic services are monitoring your ad performance around the clock to make sure your audience is being reached and that they are at their peak of engagement. We make sure your reach is composed of consumers who are interested in your product and service, or other products and services similar to yours. If the ads are not creating the maximum potential conversion rate, we will optimize them and adapt to any changes in the markets.

Content Marketing

To efficiently promote your business, services and products, you need meaningful and engaging content to serve to your potential customers. If a user is thinking of becoming a client and they find that your content is confusing or boring, they’ll leave you hanging and go with another solution, even if yours is better.

To communicate efficiently with potential clients, you don’t want to have to interact with each individual user. Creating content will allow you to advertise to the masses without any more interaction with your business. Let your content speak on behalf of your company and help you gain customers much quicker!

Marked Digital will help you create any meaningful content you’d like to represent your company, and we can also help place it in areas where it will be the most engaging for your target audience. We will analyze your market and target audience so we know exactly who we are writing for. Then we’ll write our premium custom content to suit your needs, as well as give you tips and edits to your current content to help it perform optimally. This analysis will also predict how markets can change and how your audience and clientbase can change so you can adapt the content to continue engaging your audience.

Website Design

Every big company nowadays has a website which tells the story of the company, shows what they offer and hold contact information. To constantly stay on top of the ever-changing markets of online industries, owning a website is critical and how well the website performs is a determining factor of the success of the business or company. Did you know that over 94% of users are quick to reject a business’ credibility and trustworthiness if the site simply doesn’t look as sleek and modern as another? Having a clean and modern website which engages a user is crucial for your business.

The age-old saying for building a website is that ‘If you can’t find it in three clicks or less, it’s bad design. If a potential customer needs to take even 30 seconds to find something on your site, they will turn away and check a different business, even if yours is better. Bad design practices often happen due to this inattentiveness to functionality and only focusing on making the site look good.

With Marked Digital’s design services, we make sure your website looks great by following modern design standards, but also keep functionality in mind. We will strategically place content around your site with engaging graphics, modern user interface colors and create the perfect navigation system for your site. It only takes thirty seconds to lose a client, secure them in ten.

Online Reputation Management

Managing all your public relations and relations can be difficult without having a dedicated public relations department for your business, and it may not be worth hiring new employees. Luckily, MarkedDigital offers our own specialized plans for online reputation management to help your company get the positive image it deserves.

Your online reputation is important to business because most new customers will likely discover you through your website. But if they search your brand and find damaging content to your brand it may be difficult to get new clients. Our online reputation management service will help keep any content that could damage your brand down, such as bad reviews, risky social media posts and will help you promote the good parts of your business.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it.” ~Warren Buffett.

With the whole notion of fake news today, the negative reviews or press you receive does not have to be true to have a serious impact on your business reputation. A single fake negative review can get a lot more attention than ten real positive reviews, so it’s important to keep fake information down and help promote the real business you own.

On top of suppressing negative results from search engines or social media, we can help give advice on handling future negative press and help promote the positives. We want your business to succeed and will make sure the spotlight is shining on what you do right.

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